valbedroomsmall.jpg (14351 bytes)LHS is a small   family-run business that prides itself on personal service. Gilbert and Valerie Brown, who founded the company 15 years ago, were formerly in the travel business, and now run LHS from their home in Kingston. Having travelled widely, they have great experience of accommodation all over the world.

As Gilbert is now 80 years old, Ingrid and Ann have joined Valerie in running the business. Their former careers as restaurateur and film producer have given     them great skill in dealing with people and paying attention to detail.

valdogs.jpg (8259 bytes)The "team" is completed by the two   office boys, "Slipper" who is 105 dog years old, and "Wellington" his son aged 35  (Slipper was a late starter! ).   "Bootsie", the cat who at the age of 96 is still climbing fences, feels office work is beneath him, and spends most of the day sphinx-like on a plinth outside the front door. 

However, although none of us are any longer in our youth, we are still young in heart, enthusiastic and efficient, so whether you are 1 person staying for 3 nights or 10 people staying for 3 weeks, we will always do our best to make your stay a happy one.